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Fortinet extends integration with Amdocs to better empower service providers

Fortinet has extended its integration with Amdocs to enable service providers to deliver advanced secure SD-WAN services to customers, according to a statement from the company.

This integration brings an extensible orchestration solution to service providers, enabling them to deliver managed SD-WAN and security services across customer premises, data centres and the cloud, while reducing deployment and operational costs, Fortinet states.

The ability of service providers to deliver scalable commercial SD-WAN and security services traditionally requires significant investment in time and resources, according to the company.

In the competitive and fast evolving service offering market for SD-WAN and security, the pre-integrated solution from Fortinet and Amdocs is said to reduce the time and effort required for the solutions onboarding within a service providers environment, therefore providing accelerated time to market, reduced costs and improved return on investment.

Fortinet EVP of products and CMO John Maddison says, “Secure SD-WAN is becoming the most significant WAN service for enterprise organisations for its ability to facilitate digital innovation via business-aware connectivity in a growing hybrid environment.

“This represents both a challenge and an opportunity for service providers who must deliver efficient, scalable and secure SD-WAN services to facilitate increased ROI, create new value-add services, and drive revenue and market share growth."

“The integration of Fortinet’s industry-leading Secure SD-WAN solution with Amdocs’ orchestration platform enables service providers to efficiently deliver a pre-integrated and automated service that meets enterprise needs while optimising their costs and accelerating time to market," Maddison states.

The Amdocs service lifecycle management and orchestration solution enables service providers to define, launch, fulfill and operate Fortinet Secure SD-WAN’s full range of next-generation firewall security services embedded with native and scalable SD-WAN capabilities.

This combined solution, with the proper automation and orchestration layer on top of SD-WAN, provides service agility and ability to scale to a large number of customers and sites.

Fortinet’s carrier-grade Secure SD-WAN solution can be deployed on customer premises, in data centres and in the public cloud, allowing service providers the scalability to offer new revenue-generating services to enterprises of any size, small or large.

These include managed SD-WAN services, advanced security services and SD-Branch services thanks to the Physical and Virtual Network Functions (PNF and VNF) of Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution, the company states.

In addition, with the PNFs and VNFs, service providers are positioned to evolve their SD-WAN services to provide revenue generating managed services from headquarters, branches and data centres through the WAN and into the public cloud, according to Fortinet.

Amdocs group president of Media, Network and Technology Anthony Goonetilleke says, “Partnering with Fortinet allows us to further enable service providers to deliver differentiated managed secure SD-WAN services while improving time to market. Multi-site, mid-market and enterprise customers represent a growth opportunity for CSPs.

“Our pre-integrated service lifecycle management and orchestration capabilities including SD-WAN, application-aware routing and best-of-breed next-generation firewall (NGFW), simplify and accelerate the creation of service offerings for this growing market.”

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