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ExtraHop to feature in WWT's Advanced Technology Center
Wed, 24th May 2023

ExtraHop, an expert in cloud-native network detection and response (NDR), will be the first NDR provider showcased in World Wide Technology (WWT)’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC). 

The billion-dollar centre of excellence will showcase the ExtraHop and CrowdStrike partnership, which helps to improve organisations’ security postures and accelerate Zero Trust adoption across the cybersecurity industry.

Serving 70 of the 100 Fortune forms, WWT’s ATC is a collaborative ecosystem enabling customers to evaluate new technologies in sandbox environments and determine if they fit their organisation.

Bob Olwig, EVP of Global Partner Alliances, WWT, says: “We’ve seen a growing demand for NDR solutions as organisations better understand the breadth of information they can garner from the network.” 

“As the attack landscape rapidly expands, customers are looking for ways to take their endpoint and log data to the next level." 

“By testing the ExtraHop and CrowdStrike integrations in the ATC, they can put the power of these two real-time solutions to the test and realise the advantages network insights provide,” says Olwig. 

The ExtraHop and CrowdStrike alliance assists organisations in correlating network and endpoint data faster and with greater visibility into the threat landscape. 

The ExtraHop NDR platform, Reveal(x), reveals an attacker's path while moving laterally across the network. The complementary CrowdStrike Falcon platform offers visibility and protection of endpoints with actionable insights into attacker activity within an environment. 

When working in unison, customers can qualify or disqualify threats and identify the scope of any compromise, which data has been transmitted, and if it was encrypted. 

Through WWT’s ATC, customers can explore the ExtraHop and CrowdStrike integrations in a private sandbox lab and at the quality global organisations require. 

Unified threat intelligence, which combines and contextualises indicators of compromise (IOCs) and security telemetry from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform with network information and behavioural insights from ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360TM, is one of the partnership's standout use cases.

Other features include a push-button response, allowing users to quickly cut off attacker access to network resources and endpoints with a single click inside  Reveal(x) interface.

Users will also gain a comprehensive, always-up-to-date inventory of all devices with Reveal(x), which alerts customers to newly connected and potentially compromised devices. 

Michael Rogers, Vice President of Alliances, CrowdStrike, says: “Working with ExtraHop and WWT will bring our integration to life for prospective customers who are looking to create a force multiplier with their combined security investments.”

“Together, our products empower organisations to focus on the threats that truly matter, take on today’s sophisticated adversaries, and stop breaches.”

Raja Mukerji, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, ExtraHop, also comments: “WWT’s ATC and cybersecurity ecosystem offer ExtraHop a unique opportunity to engage with organisations looking to take their cybersecurity defenses to the next level.” 

“As more customers look to accelerate adoption of strategies like Zero Trust, a private sandbox lab where they can see the power and impact of comprehensive visibility across the endpoint and network is an absolute requirement,” says Mukerji.