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Exclusive: Why Commvault's focused on cyber resilience
Wed, 6th Mar 2024

In an exclusive interview with Michel Borst, the Area Vice President for Asia at Commvault, we explored the company's pioneering strategies in data protection, cyber resilience, and the challenges and opportunities facing enterprises in Asia. Borst, who recently joined the company three and a half months ago, brings over 28 years of experience in the region, working with large enterprises to solve complex problems related to cyber resilience, data protection, and IT transformation.

Commvault, with a legacy spanning 27 years in the data protection industry, stands at the forefront of combating cyber threats such as ransomware. Borst highlighted, "We are the leading company in this space, now against ransomware, helping companies reduce risk, minimise downtime, and increase cost efficiencies." He emphasised the importance of Commvault Cloud, a newly launched platform offering cloud-based cyber resilience and ensuring fast recovery, which he described as "the ultimate weapon against ransomware."

The organisation's presence in Asia is robust, with a strong team spread across various countries. Borst's focus on recruiting top talent and strengthening the ecosystem comprising partners, channels, and distributors underscores Commvault's commitment to driving growth in the region.

Commvault's latest initiatives, particularly the launch of Commvault Cloud, promise to bring together data protection, cybersecurity, AI, and rapid recovery at an enterprise scale. This focus is especially pertinent as enterprises navigate the complexities of digital transformation and the increasing threat landscape. Borst also introduced the cleanroom recovery capability, a solution designed to bridge the gap between incident response plans and actual readiness, addressing the challenges posed by scale and infrastructure costs.

Delving into the technological advancements, Borst shared insights into the artificial intelligence components integrated into the Commvault Cloud, including Metallic AI and Arlie (Autonomous Resilience), which provide personalised, actionable insights through conversational language. This capability aims to enhance the user experience by offering assisted onboarding, document search, and quick responses to platform-related queries.

Cyber resilience, as Borst defined, is the ability of an organisation to withstand and recover from cyber-attacks, emphasizing the importance of data protection, threat detection, and quick recovery. He highlighted the critical need for enterprises in Asia to adapt to the new reality where traditional cybersecurity measures are no longer sufficient. Commvault's approach to addressing these challenges involves ensuring smooth data flows and security across increasingly complex infrastructures.

Regarding Commvault's partner ecosystem, Borst described it as integral to the company's market strategy, collaborating with leading cloud, AI, cybersecurity, and tech partners to deliver integrated capabilities that bolster cyber resilience and business resilience.

Borst passionately articulated Commvault's unique position in the market, emphasizing the Commvault Cloud platform's ability to provide cloud-based cyber resilience, rapid recovery, and the lowest total cost of ownership. He contrasted Commvault's approach with competitors, highlighting the company's comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of cyber resilience as a key differentiator.

Reflecting on his tenure and the positive momentum behind Commvault, Borst underscored the critical juncture at which enterprises in Asia find themselves in their digital journey. The emphasis on being well-prepared for cyber threats, akin to training for a marathon, underscores the importance of cyber resilience as a cornerstone of business resilience.

Commvault, under the leadership of Michel Borst, is positioned to lead the charge in providing innovative solutions for cyber resilience, data protection, and IT transformation in Asia. The company's focus on technology advancements, a robust partner ecosystem, and a comprehensive approach to cyber resilience promises to empower enterprises across the region to navigate the complexities of the digital age securely and efficiently.