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CybeReady introduces new QR code phishing simulations
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

CybeReady, a reputed leader in security awareness training, has disclosed the addition of QR Code Phishing Simulations to its award-winning training solution. As a proactive step forward, this comes in the wake of the escalating trend of QR code-based phishing attacks, increasingly used by cybercriminals. This advanced form of attack is termed Quishing.

Quishing is a refined attack that deceives an individual into scanning a QR code with their mobile phone. This leads them to a fraudulent site typically used for downloading malicious software or retrieving sensitive information through a webpage opened in their phone. The email containing the QR code mimics a reliable sender such as a bank or a credible e-commerce platform, thereby creating an urgent requirement for the individual to act immediately. Consumers have been cautioned by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that QR code scams could arrive via emails, text messages, signage, direct mail, or other innovative methods.

CybeReady's innovative QR Code Phishing Simulator mirrors real-world phishing attacks involving QR codes, thus providing a practical and engaging learning experience. The given QR codes, used in the simulations, direct employees to an educational page when scanned. The information provided on this page is meticulously designed to lay bare the signs of QR code phishing, therefore, augmenting the employees' proficiency to detect and counter such attacks.

This feature of the QR Phishing Simulation includes various capabilities. It mimics different types of QR code phishing attacks to offer realistic training experiences, offers instant feedback and education to employees upon scanning, provides detailed analytics on employee interactions and learning progress with the simulations, and facilitates automatic integration into existing and future learning cycles without manual setup. It is now included as part of CybeReady's Security Awareness Training solution for automatic deployment in future QR simulations, making it simple and effortless for the organizations.

Alongside the QR Code Simulations, ‘Awareness Bites’ specifically oriented towards QR codes are also being introduced by CybeReady. The idea behind these ‘bites’ is to offer compact, impactful lessons which are easy for employees to comprehend and remember, thus making these particularly effective in fast-paced work environments. The new QR Code Awareness Bites are focused on mobile phone security and aim at providing essential insights into QR code safety and best practices.

"QR Code phishing poses a growing threat to both large and small enterprises. By including QR Code Simulations in the training regimen, organisations can keep themselves one step ahead of these sophisticated attacks," states Michal Gil, Head of Product at CybeReady. He further adds how the training empowers employees with the knowledge and skills required to identify and prevent such threats.

The inclusion of QR Code Phishing Simulations establishes CybeReady's Security Awareness Training solution as the most advanced on the market. Employing adaptive learning methodologies and machine learning algorithms, the data-driven, SaaS-based solution is designed to enhance the cybersecurity knowledge of organizations of all sizes. It offers personalised and interactive training experiences that suit the unique learning patterns of each employee, including a variety of interactive content, such as simulations of real-life phishing attacks and condensed educational information like the Awareness Bites, covering various aspects of cybersecurity.