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Checkmarx joins Wiz's WIN programme for enhanced cloud security
Fri, 29th Mar 2024

Cloud-native application security company, Checkmarx has announced its integration with cloud security provider, Wiz. This collaboration includes Checkmarx's joining of the Wiz Integrations (WIN) programme and the fusion of its Checkmarx One platform with Wiz's systems. This advancement will offer enterprises an enhanced approach to application security (AppSec) - from code creation to cloud utilisation - altering the standard methods of identifying and rectifying cloud-native vulnerabilities.

Wiz offers a comprehensive coverage of cloud settings via its Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). Checkmarx One will harness this platform, aligning application security results with cloud security context gathered from runtime environments. This will facilitate a delivery of practical insights to enterprises, allowing them to discern which vulnerabilities necessitate urgent attention. This unique approach promises to boost the productivity and efficiency of development teams by enabling them to focus solely on the vulnerabilities that significantly impact their operations.

David Dewaele, the Senior Product Partnership Manager at Checkmarx, highlighted the essentials of their approach: “With over 90% of enterprises knowingly pushing vulnerable code to production, there is a strong demand to change how we approach AppSec in a cloud-native environment." He explains how the application of cloud security insights to all AppSec levels enables security and development teams to prioritise their most vital vulnerabilities, increasing actionability for cloud security units.

Oron Noah, Head of Product Extensibility and Partnerships at Wiz, welcomed the collaboration: "Together with Checkmarx, we're providing customers security insights across the development and cloud lifecycle." He emphasised the unique benefit offered by the team-up: a wide-ranging approach to app and infrastructure security in the cloud - a result of Checkmarx's expertise fused with Wiz's CNAPP solution.

The Checkmarx-Wiz alliance advances a 'Shift Left, Shield Right' strategy. This introduces a holistic security etiquette that extends from code creation to cloud functioning. Wiz significantly contributes to this initiative, offering an extensive cloud assets inventory and crucial runtime context. On the other hand, Checkmarx focuses on detecting and assisting in the resolution of software application vulnerabilities. Together, they provide a unified solution that syncs Wiz's cloud assets inventory with Checkmarx's assessment of applications and source code repositories. This joint effort fosters runtime context during development and actionability during production stage application monitoring.

Checkmarx is focused on enabling enterprises worldwide to secure their application development from code to cloud. The company’s consolidated Checkmarx One platform and services aims to address the needs of enterprises by improving security and reducing TCO, while simultaneously building trust between AppSec, developers, and CISOs.