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Bumble launches AI tool Deception Detector to counter fake profiles
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

In recognition of Safer Internet Day, Bumble has unveiled Deception Detector, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-fuelled feature developed to identify and counteract spam, scams, and fake user profiles. In the initial two months following its implementation, Deception Detector contributed to a 45% decrease in user reports concerning such deceptive accounts.

The launch of this advanced technology follows global research by Bumble, in which respondents universally named fake profiles and the risk of scams as their leading anxiety associated with online dating. The study showed that these fears can prevent users from establishing relationships that could positively affect their lives.

Lucille McCart, APAC Communications Director of Bumble, explained, "Deception Detector introduces a swift, reliable machine learning-based model to validate the authenticity of profiles on Bumble Inc.'s platforms, ensuring that connections made on our apps like Bumble are genuine."

Global data from Bumble demonstrates that women, who make up 46% of the survey participants, were particularly apprehensive about the authenticity of potential matches on dating apps. This raises concerns about how the fear and mistrust influenced by fake profiles can impact the potential for meaningful connections online.

Deception Detector presents an effective solution by employing a machine-learning model to evaluate the genuineness of profiles and connections across Bumble's platforms. The company reported that testing carried out has shown the Deception Detector to be supportive in blocking 95% of accounts identified as spam/scam profiles. This AI technology is utilised in conjunction with human support to prioritise the creation of safe and empowered online communities.

Lidiane Jones, CEO of Bumble, acknowledges the substantial evolution of the online environment, which has led to increased concerns regarding authenticity. In response to these evolving challenges, Bumble remains committed to its founding objective of fostering equitable relationships and empowering women to take the initiative.

Lidiane Jones said, "The online landscape has significantly evolved in recent years, and concerns about authenticity are on the rise. Bumble was established with the objective to nurture equitable relationships and empower women to make the first move, and Deception Detector is our latest innovation in line with this commitment."

She added, "In the AI era, trust is paramount. We aim to use advanced models to alleviate anxieties associated with making connections and support our community, with AI being a crucial area of focus."

Deception Detector adds to Bumble's suite of AI innovations, further advancing the company's established history of tackling misogyny, harassment, and toxicity online. Previous features introduced include Private Detector, a pioneering application that deploys AI to identify and hide inappropriate images, and Best Bees, an AI-based algorithm that offers an enhanced level of member curation.

Bumble has taken the lead in responsible technology by becoming the inaugural dating app to partner with Partnership on AI. Deception Detector is now available across Bumble's platforms, including Bumble, Badoo, and Bumble for Friends.