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BackupAssist partners with Wasabi for greater cyber-resilience
Thu, 7th Jan 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

BackupAssist has partnered with Wasabi to deliver a disruptive price and performance model for cyber-resilient data backup.

Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company, now integrates seamlessly with BackupAssist Classic and BackupAssist ER.

This partnership provides customers with an up to 80% less expensive solution that is faster than the competition for achieving enterprise-grade cyber-resilience, the company states.

As cybersecurity risks continue to become more prevalent and sophisticated, the need for secure, scalable and reliable file and system backup has become increasingly important.

Unfortunately, this issue has been compounded by a spike in data, with many organisations choosing to migrate to the cloud to offset on-premise storage, BackupAssist states.

When combined with Wasabi's cloud, BackupAssist's software provides a flexible and cost-effective storage solution that offers backups for both full system and granular recoveries anywhere at anytime.

Additionally, BackupAssist's CryptoSafeGuard combined with Wasabi's 11 nines of object durability and data immutability enables backup files to remain secure, the company states.

BackupAssist founder and CEO Linus Chang says, “Clients have been asking for our recommended alternatives to the large first-generation public cloud providers, commonly inquiring about Wasabi specifically.

“In response, we began our standard stringent review process, with Wasabi quickly emerging as a top viable solution. In August 2020, we added Wasabi support for our BackupAssist ER, and with this announcement we add support for our BackupAssist Classic solution as well.

He continues, “Now, by adhering to BackupAssist's best practices guidance to perform multiple backups for maximum resilience, our clients can employ both local and cloud-based backups to ensure maximum protection from virtually all cyber risks, as well as rapid recovery - all at a dramatically lower cost.

Wasabi's storage is 1/5th the cost of Amazon S3 with no fees for egress or API requests while remaining markedly faster than competitors.

For those currently using a private cloud, the availability of a public cloud through Wasabi extends data resources for greater overall capacity without the hefty price tag, BackupAssist states.

Wasabi CEO David Friend says, “Our mission is to disrupt the traditional cloud market and work with companies like BackupAssist to provide an affordable, scalable and high-performing storage option to their clients.

“One benefit we're particularly proud of is being able to provide immutable storage, creating an even more secure cloud storage option which perfectly complements BackupAssist's ability to provide enterprise-grade cyber-resilience for the clients' file backup needs.

Wasabi provides hot cloud storage for businesses all over the world, while BackupAssist is a company dedicated to safeguarding its clients' futures through cyber-resilience.

With more than 200,000 servers protected to date, BackupAssist specialises in automated server backup and recovery software for SMEs, providing protection for physical, virtual and cloud environments.