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Ava Security announces first to market multi-sensor camera

Global security tech company Ava Security will be the first to bring a specialised multi-sensor security camera to market.

Adding to their extensive suite of cloud-native cameras, Ava Quad is said to utlilise the latest camera and multi-sensor technology to suit a wide range of environments.

Expected to be released in Q2 of this year, the company says it will seamlessly integrate cloud technology to achieve the best results.

Ava Quad is designed to provide 360 visibility through multiple sensors, which is advantageous for customers looking for multi-angle coverage over wide outdoor or indoor areas. This could include large crossroads, parking lots, campuses, and stadiums.

Generally, multi-sensor cameras are also more cost and time effective when it comes to installation and maintenance.

However, until now, multi-sensor cameras have only been available for on-premise installments, which has led to a loss of flexibility and remote access, leaving cameras vulnerable to out-of-date software.

With the new Ava Quad design, customers will be able to benefit from easier access to security data and in-built video and audio analytics. This can further reduce costs for organisations by cutting the time and staff needed to analyse the footage.

It also improves response to incidents with machine learning algorithms that can identify critical events before they escalate. There are also settings to store forensic details that customers might need to detect threats without the additional burden of storing large volumes of footage.

The new technology is part of the company's Ava Aware video security data platform, which contains a full suite of secure technologies.

Ava Security CEO and co-founder Tormod Ree says this new advancement is a game-changer in the video security space and hopes it will lead to further opportunities as the company continues to expand operations.

"Ava Quad marks another market-first for Ava Security, as we continue to add to our world-class portfolio of cloud-native cameras."

"This cloud multi-sensor camera will round out our lineup of video monitoring tools, as we continue to lead the industry in the transition from on-premise to the cloud delivering storage, cost, AI, and analytics benefits. The continued growth of our product portfolio bolsters our position as the most open security platform in the market."

Ava security provides its solutions globally and has offices in the UK, Norway, and the US. They work closely with businesses and personal enterprises of all sizes to offer security solutions that suit the intended situation.

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