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Appdome launches threat evaluation tools for mobile apps and brands
Fri, 13th Oct 2023

Appdome has released new threat evaluation tools inside ThreatScope Mobile XDR to deliver enhanced monitoring, investigation and threat evaluation for mobile apps and brands globally.

Among the new tools is Threat-Inspect, a new ability to investigate, drill down, share and report on defenses, attacks and threats in the production environment. 

Appdome's ThreatScope Mobile XDR gathers thousands of threat signals from mobile app security, hacking, fraud, malware, cheat, and bot attacks from inside deployed mobile apps, and translates that data into brand relevant views that cyber, fraud and business teams can use to evaluate and respond to mobile threats and attacks in real time.

The new evaluation tools include: Threat-Inspect, for deep threat inspection, Threat-Views, for creating savable monitoring perspectives by app, device, OS, attacks and other parameters, and Threat-Snapshots for ease of reporting and collaboration.

ThreatScope Mobile XDR is pre-integrated with Appdome's Cyber Defense Automation platform for Android & iOS apps for instant response to any cyber or fraud attack. 

Tom Tovar, Co-creator and CEO of Appdome, says, "Real-time attack data from the native mobile app channel is full of surprises. Our new evaluation tools, including Threat-Inspect, allow even faster and deeper investigation into cyber and fraud data from the mobile channel and empower mobile brands to view this data from a business context."

The new threat evaluation features in ThreatScope Mobile XDR provide mobile businesses and brands: 

  • Threat-Inspect allows cyber teams to pivot between "All" and Unique attacks as well as between attacks and Impacted Devices, to see the number of unique devices experiencing each attack. This new capability allows cyber responses to be tailored to the specific threat(s) in the production environment while also easing the remediation burden for mobile users and brands globally. 
  • A unique feature of Threat-Inspect is that it also can be used in conjunction with Appdome's recently released Build-to-Test automated testing capability. Build2Test allows Appdome-protected mobile apps to be used inside automated mobile app testing suites, logging all security events for the developer to track and monitor.These logged security events are now visualized inside Threat-Inspect. 
  • Threat-Views allows security teams to zoom in and monitor specific aspects of the mobile app defense, attack and threat data shown on ThreatScope. Create and save any number of Threat-Views to monitor one or more mobile applications, OS, OS Version, attack vector, mobile app release, Fusion Set (defense model), geographic region or other parameter. Threat-Views enable persistent business level viewing and analysis, which is essential for demonstrating ROI and keeping the overall mobile business safe. 
  • ThreatScope Snapshots allow cyber teams to export and share real-time mobile app defense and attack snapshots from ThreatScope, Threat-Views or Threat-Inspect data. Use ThreatScope Snapshots to keep cyber, fraud, and business teams informed on progress in stopping security, fraud, malware, and other attacks, demonstrate compliance, or collaborate with other teams internally. 

Powering these features are new levels of metadata now available in ThreatScope. These include enhanced attack, threat and fraud metadata including geo-location, unique identifiers for threats and impacted installations as well as new options such as IP address and more.

This metadata allows mobile brands to click to see all the in-production mobile apps and installations impacted by each attack or threat. Users can click on a specific attack or threat and choose the impact view needed by each business line. IP address and unique device data can now also be downloaded for offline analysis. 

With ThreatScope Mobile XDR, mobile brands, developers, cyber and fraud teams can immediately respond with updated security models, build-by-build and release-by-release and prioritize protections that have a real impact on the mobile business and users. The entire ThreatScope Mobile XDR capability inside Android & iOS apps without any burden on mobile dev teams, including no code, no SDK and no servers to deploy and, most importantly, no separate agent installed on the mobile device. 

Chris Roeckl, Chief Product Officer at Appdome, comments, "Once you see the data in ThreatScope Mobile XDR, you cant live without it. Combining real-time data with instant action is the only way to combat the huge diversity, sophistication and relentlessness hackers, attackers and fraudsters use to compromise mobile apps, brands, and users globally."