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Absolute Software recognised as key Security Service Edge provider
Fri, 23rd Feb 2024

Absolute Software, a worldwide leader specialising in cyber resilience solutions, has been recognised as a prominent provider of Security Service Edge (SSE) solutions by the authoritative Forrester report, entitled "The Security Service Edge (SSE) Solutions Landscape, Q4 2023". The report aims to deliver comprehensive insights to organisations about the advantages of SSE, and highlights reputable vendors who address the definitive "core" use cases behind enterprise SSE adoption. These primarily encompass Zero Trust access, cloud access security and remote workforce security.

The Forrester report advises: "You can use security service edge (SSE) solutions to provide Zero Trust access to enterprise applications, secure the remote workforce, and protect enterprise data. However, to achieve these benefits, you must choose from a varied set of vendors that differ in size, type of offering, geography, and use case differentiation. This report should be utilised by security and risk professionals to grasp the value they can expect from an SSE vendor, understand how vendors differ, and investigate options based on size and market focus."

Honing in on the changing face of the business sector, which continues to pivot towards remote and hybrid work models, the demand for potent and reliable SSE solutions is at an all-time high. These solutions ensure resilient connections and robust security for the workforce, explained Joe Savarese, Executive Vice President, Secure Access Products at Absolute Software. Savarese expressed their pleasure at Absolute Software's coverage in the Forrester report, stating: "We're thrilled to be noted as a vendor in the Forrester SSE landscape, as it lets security and risk professionals know that leading analysts recognise our differentiated products as among those capable of addressing enterprise SSE use cases."

Absolute Software has built its cyber resilience capacity, which is embedded in the firmware of 600 million devices worldwide, to provide robust solutions against modern cyber threats. The company's clientele encompasses over 21,000 global enterprise and government customers. With the latest inclusion of a powerful Secure Web Gateway (SWG) service, Absolute's SSE SaaS offering now features resilient security, anti-virus scans, context-aware policies, remote browser isolation (RBI), data loss prevention (DLP), content disarm and reconstruction (CDR), and end-user experience management. This strategic blend, further enhanced with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and advanced AI capabilities, guarantees effective security and resilient connectivity for rapidly expanding remote and hybrid workforces.

The Forrester report, "The Security Service Edge (SSE) Solutions Landscape, Q4 2023", serves as a guide to help organisations fulfil their security and compliance objectives. It also underlines the pressing challenges Absolute Software assists businesses in overcoming in the digital era.