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Gender Pay Gap news stories - Page 2

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Gender equality: The importance of understanding what motivates your workforce
Women want to participate equally in leadership positions, so why does gender imbalance in top-level roles still exist?
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Schneider Electric
How the digital economy is shifting the workforce playing field for women
It’s no secret that there is a big gender gap in tech / engineering fields, and especially in the data center industry.
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Exclusive: Here's what NZ's top CEOs are doing to improve gender diversity
You need to understand what’s going on in your own business and do something to fix it because if you don’t, all this talk –it’s just PR bollocks.
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IT salaries on the rise, gender pay gap getting smaller
This data does show a slight decrease in the nation’s gender pay gap which was recorded at 7.2% in 2015.
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New report shines light on sexism and ageism in ICT industry
"International studies show that the whole economy will grow as equity grows.”
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Women in Technology
Step up for Kiwi women could boost economy by $881m a year
"We need to once and for all ditch this notion that women aren’t talented enough to be there.”
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Women in Technology
Accenture: How to get more girls into technology
“It's not only an economic imperative that we bridge the gender gap when it comes to is a critical societal one."
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Getting to Equal: Accenture on overcoming the gender pay gap
The research found that – globally - a woman earns an average $100 for every $140 a man earns - a gap of about 30%.
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Women in Technology
Gender pay gap should be a social & economic priority, says WGEA
“This is bad news for the economy, because it shows that business is not drawing on the enormous talent available in the female workforce."
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Paula Bennett
Gender pay gap moving in right direction, says Paula Bennett
"In 2017 there is absolutely no excuse for someone to be paid less just because of their gender.”
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Remote Working
Gender inequality: Narrowing the gender gap through flexible working
Women, during their child bearing years (25-44) earn up to 40% less than men in the same age group, regardless of whether they have children or not.
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Women in cybersecurity: Slowly but surely, change is coming
“More people are realising what a solid, secure and interesting career choice it is."
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New Zealand makes moves with pay equity
“Occupations that are mostly made up of a female workforce shouldn’t be lower paid just because this work is and has been mainly undertaken by women."
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Trade Me
Gender divide alive and well in NZ job market
The gender divide is alive and well in the New Zealand employment market, while IT roles continue to dominate the top five highest average pay rate.
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Data Centre Operators
Believe it or not: Women make more than men in data centers
A new survey has revealed some strange, almost unbelievable facts – there’s a sector out there within the IT industry where women earn more than men.
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There’s no men in feminism… oh wait
Are Kiwi males oblivious to gender inequality in the workplace? Progress towards equality can be hindered, more often than not by men, survey finds.
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Gender Pay Gap
Where are the women in leadership? New report slams NZ
New research reveals that New Zealand is well behind other countries when it comes to the number of women in leadership roles.
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Digital skills closing the workplace gender gap?
“While women still lag behind men in digital fluency in all but a handful of countries, improving their digital skills can change the picture."
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IT Industry
Kiwi tech pros have it made, industry looking bright
IT professionals starting out their careers can look forward to sharp increases in the first six years of their careers.
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Govt needs to 'get with the programme' on NZ's gender pay gap
“It’s a new year and it’s time for the National Government to be bold and be brave. Kiwi women are counting on them.”
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Microsoft CEO in hot water over gender-gap karma comments
Last week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sparked controversy when he said women shouldn't ask for pay rises.