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Financial scam stories

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Data Privacy
Asia’s data privacy landscape is ‘coming of age’ – how can businesses cope?
Last month
Identity theft and online fraud are becoming more prevalent than ever. A recent IBM study revealed that stolen or compromised credentials were responsible for 19% of data breaches this year.
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Cloud Banking Solutions
Financial malware activity dropped in 2020 as creators honed their wares
April 2021
Cybercriminals used the time to plan more malicious propagation techniques, both new and evolved from previous methods.
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CERT NZ: Kiwis lose $7.8m to cyber attacks; incident reports soar
August 2020
“The increase on reporting and reduction in financial loss could mean that New Zealanders are developing a heightened awareness of cybersecurity threats as we’ve become more dependent on digital services.” 
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Digital heists: Attacks on financial institutions rise 238% in 3 months
May 2020
The pandemic has created a perfect storm for financial cybercrime, with attackers taking advantage of every opportunity they get to target financial institutions.
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GBG rolls out anti-fraud solutions to protect against financial crime
February 2020
“To aid in that fight, GBG offers a layered digital fraud and compliance solution which unifies data across vertical silos to improve financial crime detection accuracy across the customer journey."
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Aged between 35-44? You're a prime target for scammers
August 2019
It’s a common thought that the elderly are most likely to get scammed, but BNZ says it’s also busy parents who are finding themselves on the receiving end too.
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430,000 people hit with financial malware
August 2019
Financial malware, that is malware that targets finances, cryptocurrencies and web-money services, has increased by 7% from the same period last year, according to new research from Kaspersky.
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IRD shuts down fraudulent direct debit scam
June 2019
“We’re working with the police and banks to investigate further and anyone who has been left out of pocket will be reimbursed."
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New report uncovers US$1.7b cryptocurrency cybercrime market
January 2019
There was a staggering rise in criminal activity within the cryptocurrency market last year, despite the decline in the market.
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Transport for NSW
Transport in NSW: do easier 'tap ons' make for compromised security?
May 2018
Commuters will now be able to 'tap on' with credit cards or digital wallets, but they might be opening themselves up to security threats in doing so.
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AI-DAY: Using artificial intelligence to scam the scammers
April 2018
“40% of New Zealand parents don’t think they can keep themselves safe online.”