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Artificial Intelligence
ForgeRock releases Autonomous Access solution powered by AI
ForgeRock has officially introduced ForgeRock Autonomous Access, a new solution that uses AI to prevent identity-based cyber attacks and fraud.
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Developments in phishing and how to protect your business
Phishing, the practice of sending malicious emails to encourage users to perform actions that benefit an attacker, is a key security concern for modern businesses due to its prevalence and impact.
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Identity and Access Management
The rising importance of cloud ID and access management in an increasingly online world
Australian businesses face a growing array of sophisticated cyberthreats aimed at breaching networks, stealing data, and causing disruption.
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Secure Code Warrior
The growing importance of establishing effective API security
Cybercriminals have tended to focus on acquiring user credentials to maximise their ability to traverse targeted IT infrastructures.
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Techday introduces brand new advertising concept for clients
In line with an extensive redesign of our sites, SuperLinks will allow clients to have full-scale access to a variety of advertising capabilities along with our unmatched customer service.
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Ability to access and share data may drive more cybercrime in 2022 - security firm
Enabling data to move more easily between organisations will undoubtedly lead to more crime, says a cybersecurity firm.
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Why IT needs smarter cloud security in the age of the hybrid workplace
For IT and security professionals, the job is becoming more complex day by day. With widely dispersed teams fast becoming the norm, new technologies emerging, and an ever-increasing level of threats, it's a demanding job that takes a lot to keep up.