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You're virtually invited: How the smartest organisations manage Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

01 Apr 2020

With the current worldwide health concerns around COVID-19, organisations of all sizes need to rapidly support a remote workforce using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.  
The fast-paced usage and adoption of Office 365 and Teams means we are learning valuable lessons every day about how to best manage information in this new environment.  
AvePoint, Microsoft’s Global ISV Partner and a four-time Microsoft Partner of the year, shared some of those tricks and tips as part of a roadshow across Australia and New Zealand which was attended by over 300 IT professionals and business decision makers.  

“Information management which is essentially what we’re going to talk about,” said AvePoint's director of records and information strategy,  Alyssa Blackburn, at the Melbourne seminar. 

"We take away our information and we really don’t have a lot of other stuff to do in our daily working lives. But it’s a journey - we don’t just get it all sorted on day one."

"So the journey that we’re going to go through today is, first of all, migrating your information, getting you to where you want to be, then governing it when you get there, and of course, putting a management layer around it. These are really the three topics we want to cover today."

"We’re trying to talk to you more through customer stories because everybody wants to know what somebody else has done. Another thing is that I’ll absolutely put up my hand and say is that I’ve already made all of the mistakes so hopefully you can learn from those and not do the same bad things that I’ve done.”
Due to popular demand, AvePoint has made an edited version of the recordings FREE for everyone. 
Learn proven strategies that helped move organisations into the Office 365 stack in a successful, sustainable and compliant manner in this three-part virtual seminar

  • The first session covers migration to Office 365 including some of the considerations for compliance (52 mins). 
  • The second session talks about what you should do to govern and manage your Office 365 features, including Teams, Groups and SharePoint Online, and what IT needs to do to prevent content sprawl (31 mins). 
  • The last session walks you through how to make a compliant records management program work for your organisation in Office 365 and Teams (55 mins). 


Register for Managing Office 365 & Microsoft Teams: How The Smartest Organisations Do It virtual on-demand seminars here.

Watch AvePoint's virtual event introduction here:

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