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Security and mobility in a mobile-first world

Not so long ago, mobile devices and apps were sidelined as not a major concern for businesses, because they didn't have much of an impact on employees' work productivity.

Then along came enterprise and business apps. Box, Salesforce, Evernote. They were first off the ranks. 

Along with them came a dilemma for IT security managers and businesses. They had to choose an ultimatum: Allow employees to use those apps be productive with an unacceptable level of risk, or manage devices towards low risk and low employee productivity.

Is there an in-between? The answer, fortunately, is yes.

Today, neither restricting productivity nor accepting tremendous mobile security risk is a viable option. Mobile threats are prevalent and dangerous. Here's what can you do to balance risk with productivity.

Explore security, productivity, mobility, and what solutions are available to you. Here's how to move your organisation towards the mobile-first world, securely. 

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